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Fall Season 2015 : Flag Football in Huntington Beach, California

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Still Accepting Teams for the Afternoon Division of Coed Beach Flag Football for Adults in Huntington Beach!  Sign up as an individual player, a small group of friends, or as a full team @

Huntington Beach Flag Football Adult Coed









While you wait for the official League Schedule to be published before Noon on Thursday, September 10th, here are a few additional details that might help you prepare for your first game… If you have ANY questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to email or call us! 

Free Open House Ideal for Free Agents :  Each season we do our best to offer an open house to allow new & veteran players to come meet new faces and to get a chance to have any of their questions answered in person.  This season will be hosted at our Bowling League location at Costa Mesa Tavern 55 Bowl at 6:30PM on Wednesday, September 9th (You can RSVP at  This is a great opportunity for any of your new players to ‘get the hang’ of the rules, meet the event coordinators, etc… We encourage you to use it as a tool!

ParkingGames are played at either 11th Street OR 14th Street & PCH in Huntington Beach*.  Metered parking is available all alongside PCH, or we recommend you take advantage of the free parking in the residential neighborhoods across the street.  

*It is probable that 2-or-3 weeks throughout the season your team will play on our extended location on 14th Street.  Keep an eye out on the weekly schedule to notify your team on these weeks so they can park accordingly.

Rules:  Our Rules are prefaced by our 3 basic Golden Rules: 1) Be Honest.  2) Show Good Sportsmanship at all times (this includes helping everyone up off the sand – whether teammate or opponent – and shaking hands after every game). and 3) Leave our beach cleaner than when you found it.  You can familiarize yourself with a full list of rules on our website: . 

Photos & Facebook : Weekly professional photos of the games are posted on our Facebook page: .  Recently Facebook started altering the way we can communicate with you as our ‘fans’ in an effort to make more FB Advertising dollars.  We in-turn are reaching out to you as captains & players to make a request that you make it a priority to INVITE your friends & teammates to upcoming events, as well as to COMMENT on posts made by our Facebook Page in order to allow more mutual friends to see the posts!  (We can no longer personally invite anyone to our FB Events)

Schedule: Your first game will be on Saturday, September 12th between 10AM – 1PM.  The schedule for the entire season will be published online no later than Noon on Thursday, September 10th;  Once assigned, you can view your team’s schedule for the entire season at that time on our mobile-friendly website  ::  Any games you are not able to attend, please communicate with your team captain to let them know in advance.

Clothing:  Team shirts are DRY FIT again by popular demand this season, and will be received no later than the 3rd week.  For the first week may we recommend you bring both a light and dark shirt to represent home & away.  Proper attire throughout the season will include comfortable shorts or pants without belt loops (avoid baggy shorts that impede with hanging flags).  Shirts are required to be TUCKED IN if they interfere with the flag-belt in any way. We also suggest bringing socks just in case the sand is too hot or cold.  Flags & other equipment will be provided.  

Food & Drinks: Hydration is important when playing outdoor sports, so please be sure to pack your own water bottle.  Water and Sunrype Fruit Bars will be provided for free under the main tent, however please feel free to bring your own coolers, snacks, and drinks.  After the games, Hurricanes Bar and Grill will be offering 25% off their entire menu to all players for the rest of the day.  

Player of the Week: Each week our Referees will choose one Player of the Week who will receive a BCS ‘Game Ball’  to commemorate their good game!  As with all weekly prizes, make sure you or your team captain checks into our main tent to receive your prize the following week.

Performance Challenges: Each week we will announce a performance challenge. These challenges will consist of -but not limited to – the team with the most touchdowns, 2point conversions, interceptions, etc.  This first week’s challenge will be awarded to the team with the most TD catches by any player. The award is a pitcher of your choice at our sponsor bar Hurricanes Bar & Grill, and is awarded the following week from our registration tent. 

Team Spirit Challenges:  Every week we will hand out an award for the team showing the most spirit.  There are no rules for this challenge, just be creative and have fun!  The award is a pitcher of your choice at Hurricanes Bar & Grill!  Your prize will be awarded the following week.

Bad Weather Days:  No need to stress about days that bring rain or too strong of wind!  In light weather cases we most-often will still play; however if bad weather were to happen, we will ‘call’ bad weather days by 9AM on game day via facebook ( and by informing each team captain with a text message.  Instead of playing, we will stay dry by enjoying a ‘Rain Gear Pub Crawl’ as a group on Main Street! 

Lastly, Tell a Friend!  Your friends can register throughout the season for Coed Beach Football, as well as other sports at 

Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email us anytime if you have any questions or concerns not addressed in this email.  Good Luck Everyone & We’ll See you on the Sand…!

Here to help with your Customer Service & Accounting Questions, 




Customer Service






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adminFall Season 2015 : Flag Football in Huntington Beach, California

Fall Football 2015 : Divisions & Rules Clarifications

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Did you know that we have a twice-annual meeting of a well-rounded RULES COMMITTEE made up of both Team Captains, Referees, and outside-of BCS Business Mentors?!

Our last committee meeting met on Monday, August 10th, and here were some of one of the topics discussed::

Flag Football Divisions 2


>> Pre-Party Division is for first-season teams, as well as teams who have been grandfathered in due to their fun-natured attitude towards the game & each other.

>> The Party & After-Party Divisions are for teams who have registered as ‘Intermediate’.  Once rosters are submitted, you will either be placed in Party OR After-Party Division by BCS Administration.  All teams in the Party Division will receive an email designating which division you have been assigned to by September 10th.  

>> Lastly, we’ve COMBINED the Premier & Party-Elite division to create one larger competitive Party-Elite Division.  If your team played in Party-Elite OR Premier in previous seasons, this division is for you!

**Players are still capable of playing in two divisions during the same season, assuming their teams are in corresponding divisions (for example they could not play in Premier Division and Pre-Party Division).  Requests to avoid overlapping game schedules happen automatically when you register for both teams in question BEFORE Noon on September 7th.


>> Summary of GOLDEN RULES at the top of the long Rules Page : “1) Be Honest and 2) Show Good Sportsmanship (includes helping everyone up off of the sand – whether teammate or opponent – and shaking hands after every game) 3) Play Hard and Play Fair.”

>> Mandatory Refferee Training set for Monday, August 31st, Introduction of NEW Head Referee.

>> No significant rule changes approved this season.  You may read all additional Rule Clarifications for our players on our Rules Page after September 1st.

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adminFall Football 2015 : Divisions & Rules Clarifications

Tuesday, August 11th : Newport Beach Volleyball PLAYOFFS!

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 coed beach volleyball league for adults in orange county

14 Teams have played all-Season long to establish their seeding in the SUMMER SEASON PLAYOFFS, but only 12 will compete in Tuesday, August 11th’s Playoffs for individual 1st Place Trophies.  This is our favorite time of the season, and that time is HERE!!

Check below for your team’s bracket placement and scheduled game-time(s) this Tuesday; Games start PROMPTLY at 6 PM this week in order to accommodate daylight for any possible overtime games.  Matches will be the best out of THREE games during playoffs, with the final game up to only 15 points.  Make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early to CHECK IN and receive a wrist band (Don’t Forget : Wrist Bands and Team-Color shirts are required during playoffs).

GUESTS & FRIENDS are welcomed on the sidelines for this game, however only rostered players will be permitted to play this week.  If your team did not make the playoffs, we invite you to come out and cheer on your favorite team, followed by an optional friendly scrimmage beginning at 7pm.

Good Luck to everybody and We’ll See You on the Sand…!













>>>Brackets reseed after the first round. You may view your team’s standings on our mobile-friendly website: CLICK HERE <<


Upper party Division Summer volleyball Adult Beach League Newport Beach














>>>Brackets reseed after the first round. You may view your team’s standings on our mobile-friendly website: CLICK HERE <<

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adminTuesday, August 11th : Newport Beach Volleyball PLAYOFFS!