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Upcoming Games of the Week for Newport Beach – 10-11-15

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Games of the Week 

Each week we will pick four of the most intriguing match-ups (each from a different division) to give you a breakdown of the games from a league-wide perspective. We never intend to choose sides with these predictions, we simply want to spotlight some of the team histories for the benefit of new & veteran players alike!
Responsible Adults vs. Sandsational 

Every team makes the playoffs in this division but with such strong teams, seeding becomes very important. As of right now the “Adults” are sitting in third place and a win will guarantee that they stay there. They are coming off of a win against one of their rivals so they will come into this game with some serious confidence. If their QB stays on his game and gets the ball to his playmakers,  they are going to be tough to beat.

“Sandsational” is the lucky team that gets to face them this week. They are in a must situation if they want to make up any ground in the standings. They are sitting in fifth place but a win could take them all the way up to third. They’ll have their hands full but if they can take care of the ball and not turn it over, they can find a way to get the win.

Pink Sox vs. Sandbaggers

These two teams are holding on to the last two spots to make the playoffs, and they couldn’t be more evenly matched. They are dead even in record, and just a few points separate them in total offense and defense. With that said, we expect this one to be close with maybe one play deciding the winner here. The “Pink Sox” have are just a few plays away from being undefeated. They lost two games by one score which could have easily gone their way. They will be a tough team to beat come Sunday.

The “Sandbaggers” are hungry for a win here. They are new to the division and they would love to make the playoffs their first season. They have a talented roster they just need a few more games under their belt to really get their chemistry down. In such an evenly matched game though, they can’t afford to make too many mistakes if they want to get the win.

Bloddy Hail Mary’s vs. Pistol Fingers 


The “Hail Mary’s” are a great team and It all starts with their captain, Kristen. She has been in the league for a while now and this may be her best team yet. She has everything from experienced players to people who have never played beach football before. She keeps them together on and off of the field and she already has them playing like champs. They have a good test on their hands this week though.

They face the “Pistol Fingers” this week and this team can get going in a hurry. They have a sharp shooter for a Qb and they have a solid defense to boot. They are sitting at 2-2 of for the season but a win here will propel them all the way to second place in their division. Expect them to come out quickly as they’ll try to have their keep their opponent on their heels early.

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adminUpcoming Games of the Week for Newport Beach – 10-11-15

Recap for Games of the Week Newport Beach – 10-04-15

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Games of the Week RECAP – Newport Beach
Each week we will recap the four Games of the Week from the previous Saturday. Our Intentions are always to spotlight the positives and to build our players up with these reviews. Don’t forget to check back every week if your team is the Game of the Week.
Fit Wall 68 vs. Muhfa King Pirates 24

This one was much close then the score would lead you to believe. The “Pirates” came out of the gates fast and they has the lead at some point in the first half. An Interception before the orange cone looked to really separate the pirates, but they give it right back on a pitch which really took the wind out of their sails.

The really tough part about that is that “FItwall” is a second half team. Jared, their QB, found almost everyone for a TD in the second half. From long female TD’s to Blue Cone Td’s, they completely controlled the second half to stay undefeated for the season.
Stingray Shuffle 62  vs. I like so can’t even right now 42
On a cloudy and drizzly day in Newport, Garrett came through for his team when it mattered most. He threw TD after TD to keep his team ahead which kept their opponent chasing from the early. Their defense also came through big time with an interception that really turned the tides in this one. This was an especially big win since it kept the “Shuffle” in the race for a top 4 spot in their division.
“So can’t even right now” kept this one interesting until the end. They made the plays to win but just one turnover in our league can spell disaster. Good news is they are still in the post season race so they need to buckle down and at least go .500 for the remainder of the season if they want to make the playoffs.
Rookie Moves 32 vs. Just the Tip Drill 30
Score tied 30-30. 45 seconds left. Humans yelling. Sand.
Then James Smith ran to an open space at the right-inside corner of the endzone, made it known to his quarterback (that’d be Justin Browning) and caught the 2-point conversion that welcomed Rookie Moves into the win world for the first time. They kinda liked it.
Beating Just The Tip Drill (2-2) isn’t easy. Took the captaining of Jordan, Alli’s critical 8-point score in the first half and Justin beating pity after his short throw into the endzone resulted in a groovy interception by Kevin Hardy right before halftime.
At that point though Rookie Moves was still up 24-22 and ahead was a session with their hype man Rampi on the sidelines. No wonder they barely got scored on the entire second half. Just….yay.
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adminRecap for Games of the Week Newport Beach – 10-04-15

Recap for Games of the Week Huntington Beach – 10/03/15

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Games of the Week RECAP – Huntington Beach
Each week we will recap the four Games of the Week from the previous Saturday. Our Intentions are always to spotlight the positives and to build our players up with these reviews. Don’t forget to check back every week if your team is the Game of the Week.
Swamp Donkey’s  48 vs. Protein Shakes  38
My, this is getting kinda profound. Jared and his friends try their longtime act up on BCS football’s top tier for the first time and here Swamp Donkeys are 4-0.
They came out to Field 8 in that south corner looking mighty chipper for this 10 a.m. tangle, then went and played that way. Two female touchdowns and a blue score by Kellen put quick stress on Protein Shakes.
Holden McKinney maintained the annoyance with his two first-half sacks while a 30-14 edge was being earned. All the early work paid dividends. Protein (0-3) emerged back with its expected surge following Anne Alexander’s touchdown over an airborne defender, but by then the game proved to be too parched.
So another win for Swamp Donkeys, whose obvious balance was on display again with three different female scores from Cailey Benanati, Laura Renault and Blythe Lasher.
The U 42  vs. Inflate These 40
The Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Wasn’t easy though.
Not until a miscommunication led to an Inflate These incompletion on the last 2-point conversion of the game with 45 seconds left was victory secure.
New defensive structure being tried by the U-sters was a hoot in the first half. Nicole’s savvy rushing, Lee’s Lee-ness in pass coverage, Kristin halting planets….Inflate These was limited to two scores before halftime hit with the score 20-14.
But afterward Dustin was able to quarterback up Inflate a bit, steadily mixing short completions to Tall Paul Lillis and deeper action to Normal Paul Ortega. Two Lyssa touchdowns later a 42-22 game was now a scheisty buffalo.
Neither team was safe for a moment there, stress evidently so collective that later this scene really happened at the pub: Dustin, who threw an interception to Lee, surprising Lee with a purchase of drinks for him and his table. Because Saturday.
The Rumble 48  vs. Strong D 38
First, they out-canopy you. Then the children of the Rumble have to make sure they don’t out-canopy themselves.
Negative against unbeaten Strong D.
Marc Sanders had an interception early in the game’s opening possession. Soon after that there was an 8-0 lead, soon after that there was another stop, soon after that Sir Adam Thompson started carving sand catch by catch.
This all led to a Natalie Adams touchdown and we think we saw the canopy do a little happy dance. Tea time was over for Strong D and they began a dashing chase until suddenly it got longer when Ryan Palardy maneuvered his way into the endzone off a blue catch.
In the second half Sanders kept doing what guys named Sanders do, keeping their opponent, Strong D, at a distance — except for Jasmin, no one was keeping Jasmin at a distance. She even caught a touchdown that epitomized her fervid outing.
LKA Kiss and Makeup 48 vs. Team Tinder 22
A rollicking, BCS-style slap on the bum goes to the Kiss crew for their first-ever victory just four weeks into their maiden voyage.
Morgan Hirzel was the clear tone-setter with her business around the middle of the red zone. It netted her two touchdowns in the first half, which also featured captain Dan Anderson and Steve Siegel connecting for a blue bomb that helped LA Kiss achieve a 30-8 lead.
Dan kept his trademark cool through halftime and kept Kiss jamming til the end. He made another blue delivery to Dan Yurus and another 8-point toss to the electrifying Morgan. Not that Team Tinder never made its presence felt. A noticeably snazzy brand of play from the pink posse contributed to the morning energy pumping out of Field 4.
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adminRecap for Games of the Week Huntington Beach – 10/03/15