Newport Winter 2013

Coed Flag Football League on the sands of Newport Beach!!

Sundays in Newport Beach just got a lot better. They may be no more NFL football to watch on Sunday’s, so we make sure to keep the fun and excitement all year long! Join us as we play away our NFL blues on Sunday mornings to play some flag football, make new friends, and stay in shape while having a good time!

WHERE: On the sand at the Balboa Beach Fire Pits in Newport Beach (Adams & Newport Balboa Bike Trail)

WHEN: Sunday Mornings: March 1st – May 3rd 2014  Game Times range between 11AM-1PM.

HOW MUCH: Only $89 per player ($79 for resident of Newport) (We are happy to announce we have re-contracted with the city of Newport & are now able to offer this REDUCED SEASONAL PRICE)



✓ 10 week season (including playoffs)

✓ Games are played coed 8 x 8 (5 males/3 females required on the field) and consist of two 20 minute halves

✓ Paid Refs/Statistics Keepers for every game AND Paid Professorial Photographer to capture all of the action

✓ Registration Fee includes League T-Shirts, Light Snacks & Water at games, Raffle Prizes, VIP Card (retail value $25), Sponsor Bar Discounts, and a chance at the Team Championship Trophy Belt & Individual Medals

✓ Extra incentive for female participation in games: Automatic First down for female catch (1 per possession) & two extra points for female touchdown

✓ $89.00 per player for a 10 week season ($79 for a resident of Newport) {$25 VIP card that provides you access to discounts from 3 Sponsor Bars & to growing list of local businesses all over Orange County}

Any questions? Please reach out to us at OR call us anytime at (949)502-1413

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