While we wait for the County "Stay at Home Order" to be removed... Leagues are accepting registrations, however customer credit cards will NOT be charged until city permits are granted for us to reopen. Read our 2021 Community Updates here

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2021 Player Updates

BCS Leagues will resume, according to new 2021 County Tiers

[Updated January 5th, 2021] California Reopening Guidelines have recently been released to allow us to offer "approved sports" in accordance to each tier Orange County & LA County, respectively, are in (THANK YOU to everyone who signed our petition!).   



While we wait for California to remove the Stay at Home Order, all of our sports are OPEN for "free" registration* on our website, with tentative start dates.  These dates are subject to change, based purely on timing as our county works its way down the colored tier system:



*If you intend to play when your sport is allowed to return - we do recommend reserving your individual or team spot by registering NOW to avoid ending up on a waiting list. To do this, simply register online and your credit card will not be charged until we get the green light with a permit to play (In other words: once our permit is granted by the city or state, players registered will be given first priority, and 3 business days to pay).


Beach City Sports believes that the oasis created within each league is a safe, fair, and fun place for every player to escape the stress and craziness of their normal life.  It is important to us to service our players to reduce stress, increase fitness, and pursue the balance that enhances good mental AND physical health.  We will do our best to be prepared and help you continue to have fun to the best of our abilities. 


Regarding changes onsite at league games : As we & the world learns how to deal with this new way of operating, please know that Beach City Sports will do our best to follow the evolving social gathering legal guidelines set by state & federal entities.  Player safety has been, and always will be our #1 priority.  Upon resuming of leagues, we will respect your right to opt in or out on a daily basis, and our management and staff will continue to do our best to make sure everyone plays in a safe environment.  However, there is always going to be a possibility of injury or infection. If you in any way feel uncomfortable playing, we strongly advise you NOT to register for a league.


We plan on hosting leagues for years to come, so if you feel more comfortable in the future you'll always be welcome to return to play in Beach City Sports leagues and social events.  2020 BCS Credit Vouchers will not expire.


  • When we do resume games - All attendees will be required to sign our new participation waiver.
  • DO NOT ATTEND or participate in Beach City Sports Leagues at this time if any of the following apply to you:
    • You have flu-like symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, body aches, or fever.
    • You have been knowingly exposed to the virus.
      • You are immune compromised, have a pre-existing health conditions, OR you are in contact with friends or family who are immune compromised (you could become a carrier)


  • If your team’s attendance is in jeopardy due to high numbers of absences from illness, please reach out to the office as soon as possible; this will never be held against you.
  • WE BELIEVE IN THE INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE, so if you OR your team is not able to or not comfortable in continuing to play for any reason, please contact Beach City Sports immediately for a pro-rated credit.
  • We are educating our staff on cleaning gear to follow environmental cleaning guidelines.
  • We have also hired hospital grade Touchless Sterilization Services to sanitize league balls and equiptment for our players' utmost protection.
  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer are available for player use at all leagues.
  • The State of CA recommends you not come into contact with others outside of the game, such as pre- or post-game handshakes, team huddles, or at past "sponsor bars" (no post game sponsor bar discounts will be available at this seasons' leagues)



Questions, Comments, or Feedback?  Email us anytime at info@beachcitysports.com.