Annual Huntington Beach Flag Football CASH Tournament

What you need to know : Saturday, June 1st 2019

Players can sign up online with existing teams at or onsite for a $10 late fee. VIEW YOUR SCHEDULE HERE.


Captains with a remaining team balance (aka less than 12 players registered) will have the balance charged on your credit card 15 minutes before your first game starts. 



The official Tournament Bracket Schedule will be posted within 24 hours of your gametime - SCROLL DOWN to see your team's seed & bracket schedule at that time! Championship games will take place at 2:00 PM or 3:30 PM - assuming no overtime games take place throughout the day. While we wait for June 1st, here are a few additional details that might help you prepare for your first game… If you have ANY questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to email or call us!


June 1st Instructions : Please be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game. Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll need to go directly to the main tent to sign in and receive your wristband (wristbands are required to play), your raffle tickets, and ask any questions you may have. A RULES CLINIC will be offered 45 minutes before the first scheduled game, we highly recommend all new teams send a captain and/or quarterback to participate! Please check the two large Announcement Boards throughout the day for updated brackets and schedules. Games will start on time for two 15 minute halves, with a 3-5 minute halftime. Sandwiches will be provided by our Sponsor Hurricanes Bar and Grill, and can be picked up at the tent before Noon (or your break within the closest proximity to Noon). Alcohol is not permitted due to State Law, but prepackaged ice chests, water bottles, gatorades, snacks, and beach gear (tents, games, beach chairs, etc) are encouraged!!


Game Location: Games will be located at Beach Blvd & Pacific Coast Highway, on the City Beach (North of State Beach) side of the Beach Blvd (For GPS purposes you may use 21579 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648)


Parking: We recommend you take advantage of carpooling whenever possible. Paid Parking Day Lots are available directly at Beach & Pacific Coast Highway (The city parking lot is less expensive than the $15 State Parking Lot). Metered parking is also available all alongside PCH, or there is free parking along Beach Blvd within a 2-block walking distance from PCH.  


Tournament Rules:  Our Rules are prefaced by our 3 basic Golden Rules: 1) Be Honest 2) Show Good Sportsmanship at all times (this includes helping everyone up off the sand & shaking hands after every game) and 3) Leave our beach cleaner than when you found it. You can familiarize yourself with a full list of rules on our website: Please note for TOURNAMENT RULES there are a few "alterations" to our standard league rules: Game-times are reduced to two 15 minute halves.  As well as teams will receive only THREE (3) time outs, 3 blitzes, and 3 "female first downs" within each game. A female first down can only be used once per drive. Tournament is double elimination, however if an undefeated team loses in the championship game, the loss will end the tournament and the winning team will be crowned Champs. All other rules remain the same.


Tournament Brackets & Schedule : CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE-BY-GAMETIME


>>Download our FREE "Beach City Sports" APP to stay up to date on your gametimes throughout the day on Saturday!<<



Team Uniforms: Each team should coordinate with their own color - check with your team captain to find out which color he/she has confirmed with us! If you are unsure please at a minimum bring both a light and dark shirt to represent home & away. Proper attire will also include comfortable shorts or pants without belt loops (men - avoid baggy shorts or pockets that impede with hanging flags). Shirts are required to be TUCKED IN if they interfere with the flag-belt in any way. We also suggest bringing socks just in case the sand is too hot or cold.  Flags & other equipment will be provided.  


Food & Drinks: Hydration is important when playing outdoor sports, so please be sure to pack your own water bottle. Water and Sunrype Fruit Bars will be provided for free under the main tent, however please feel free to bring your own coolers, snacks, and drinks. At Noon Hurricanes will provide sandwiches for all of the players at the Main Tent; as well as after the games, Hurricanes Bar and Grill will be offering 25% off their entire menu to all players for the rest of the day. 


Photos & Facebook: Professional photos of the games will be posted on our Facebook page:

Lastly, there is still time to Tell a Friend!  We are still accepting teams in both divisions through Noon on Thursday. Please don't hesitate to call, text, or email us anytime if you have any questions or concerns not addressed in this blog post.  Good Luck Everyone & We’ll See you on the Sand...!


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