HB Beach Volleyball is the only sport BCS is currently hosting. All other Fall Leagues are accepting registrations, with the expectation that opening dates could be postponed until city permits resume. Read our Community Health Updates here

Cosmic Bowling League Rules

BCS Coed Bowling is played on the honor system. It is important to remind yourself and your teammates that everyone in the league is here to have fun and meet new people. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


  1. This is an adult SOCIAL league - relax, have fun, and don’t be too serious!



  4. Team rosters shall consist of 4-5 members.  Only paid league members are allowed to play - "subs" are permitted after they sign a waiver and pay their sub fee (which is waived for teams with 5+ players registered).  The minimum legal lineup of 4 players must be present before the completion of the first frame of each game. All players must wear bowling shoes provided by GlowZone (or non-marking tennis shoes if your size is not available).  All players must be registered, paid, and at least 21 years of age.


By registering and signing the onilne Release of Liability form, players agree that BCS, GlowZone, and their staff will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries occurring as the result of participation in any Activity.



  1. Teams will play two games per night, with 4 players bowling each game.  Teams with 5 players may "rotate in" the 5th player between games OR two players share the 4th team spot.  Teams may play with a minimum of 3 rostered players - 4th player spot shared between 3 present players.  Teams will be given a 10 minute grace period to meet the 3 person minimum before the whole match is forfeited; The opponent will receive 100 points in case of a forfeit.  All games will be played on the SAME lane. If both games are not completed for some reason, the score will count from where the team finished at the end of their game-time 8:10pm OR 10pm. 



    1. 4v4 leagues will bowl two games per night: the sum of points scored will be collected to be each team's score that week. All scores are “scratch” scores. No Handicaps.  



The final week of the season will be a “position round/week” to determine final standings and our champion. No subs or non-rostered players will be allowed to play during playoffs.  The top 6 teams from each league will make it to playoffs - teams will play only one game against each other, and will be matched up by current standings position: 3v6, 4v5, with 1st & 2nd place receiving a first round BYE.  The Championship Team(s) will receive medals (and bragging rights) at the end of the season!




  • ●  Be ready when it’s your turn

  • ●  Don’t bowl if someone on an adjacent lane is about to bowl or is bowling

  • ●  Wait until the lanes next to you are done before you bowl so that you don't distract the person

    next to you.

  • ●  Be courteous and respectful. We share the bowling alley with other people and want to be considerate of their space.



    These rules may be modified as needed to make the league more fun.