3 Benefits of Staying Active With Social Sports Leagues

As an adult, the days can often slip away quickly, and the to-do list often goes unfished. Exercising is an important part of everyone's mental and physical health, so making an effort to get your heart rate moving each day is crucial. According to some research from the University of Michigan, adults who exercise for 30 minutes a day are roughly 30% more likely to feel happiness compared to those who don’t. Adult social sports leagues are a great way to get involved in your community, relieve stress, and leave your responsibilities behind for a few hours. Check out three major benefits of staying active, having fun, and joining a sports league.


Relieve Daily Stress

When it comes to exercising, there are a number of sports that recreation leagues tend to offer. This includes kickball leagues, beach volleyball, and flag football leagues for individuals or teams alike. The Mayo Clinic explains that physical exercise is beneficial for your mental well-being because stress hormones are reduced. When this happens the feel-good chemical endorphins are released in your brain while working out.


Make New Connections

Oftentimes in adulthood, we can lose touch with passions or friends we previously had. Our responsibilities often take over a majority of the day as a result. Joining a social sports league gives you time for social activity outside of the house that offers a way for you to connect with others. Regardless of the workforce or career individuals are in, coming together on a sports team brings out a common goal that allows connection through a shared interest.

Let Go of Responsibilities

When you join social sports leagues like kickball, basketball, and even flag football leagues, you create the opportunity for you to unwind and live fully in the moment. Oftentimes, as an adult, it can be challenging to find time for yourself while getting physical exercise and having fun. Intramural sports are a way to take a break from “adulting” and enjoy activities you haven’t participated in since you were a kid.


No matter the type of social sports leagues you are interested in, signing up today can get you started on the path you need for stress relief, letting go of responsibilities, and making new connections. For more information, contact Beach City Sports today for questions about our sports team options.