Beach City Sports 5 on 5 Basketball Rules

Beach City Sports 5 on 5 Basketball Rules
BCS League Basketball rules:
 If you must forfeit, please call the opposing team manager and Sam from BCS
(949-502-1413) as soon as possible. If a team forfeits a game without a 72 hour notice, you will be responsible to pay the ref fees for your team and the opposing team (for the forfeited game) before you are allowed to play your next game. 
  1. League Format
             1. The BCS adult basketball league will be broken into two sections: regular season and playoffs
    1. 2. Regular Season: Each team will play a seven (7) game regular season 
      3. Playoffs: Playoffs will begin the week following the regular season and will be played in a two week format
  2. Equipment
    1. Jerseys: Teams must have jerseys of the same color and permanent numbers for each
      player in every game (including the first game).
      1. Numbers must be permanent and at least 6 inches high
      2. Tape on numbers will not be permitted
      3. Legible, numbers with permanent marker (see clause III-a-i) will be permitted
      4. Tee shirts are acceptable
    3.  League jersey's are available for sale through BCS 
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3. Roster and Players
  1. All teams must submit a completed roster prior to their first game.
    1. Rosters shall have a minimum of five players and a maximum of 10 players (please note that after 8 players, each additional player must pay a 40 dollar league)
    2. Rosters must contain a current address for each player
    3. Players may be added to your roster until the 5th week
  2. Each player on your roster must be at least 18 years of age.
A. Teams must have at least four players on the court to play
B. Any team that drops to three players will forfeit
5. Teams
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    1. The designated team manager (and only the team manager) shall be responsible for
      all interaction with the officials
      1. Managers may discuss rule interpretations but may not discuss judgment calls
      2. Managers are expected to be respectful toward officials – the team manager does not have the right to question judgment calls or speak to the official in a rude or disrespectful way. Penalty: technical foul.
    2. Team managers are responsible for ensuring that all players and spectators who are with their team behave in an appropriate manner. Penalty: technical foul.
    3. The team’s captain is responsible to disclose the full name of any player assessed a technical foul or ejected. The game will not resume until this information is disclosed. If a manager refuses to disclose a player’s information after the game, he (the manager) will be assessed a technical foul and be held out of future games until the name is disclosed.
  1. Game Time
    1. Games will begin promptly at the scheduled start time
      1. If a team only has four players present at game time, they must play with four
      2. If a team does not have four players present at 5 minutes past the scheduled
        game time, they will forfeit the game.
    2. Games will consist of two of two 20 minute halves.
    3. The clock will be running time except:
      1. The final 2 minutes of the second half (unless a team is ahead by 10 points or more) {15 points in the playoffs}
      2. All teams will have a 30 second shot clock in the final 2 minutes of the game witch will be inforced by the scorekeeper
      3. An injury occurs that requires stoppage of the game for longer than a normal stoppage (this is up to the officials’ judgment)
      4. A time out is called
    4. If teams are tied at the end of regulation, a one minute overtime session will be played.
Manager’s Role
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i. In overtime, the clock stops during the final 30 seconds
  1. 5. If the teams are still tied after an overtime sessions then the game will end in a tie.
    6. Officials may correct a mistake by scorekeepers
VII. Official Score and Scorekeeper
  1. Managers or a team representative must fill out the score book at the score table prior
    to each game. Players first and last name along with the jersey number shall be entered into the score book.
    1. Only players who are present shall be listed in the score book at the beginning of regulation
    2. Players arriving late may be added to the score book without penalty
    3. Players may not enter the game until they’ve been entered into the score book.
  2. The running score book (kept at the scorer’s table) will be the official score and foul count
  3. Teams are encouraged to closely monitor the scoreboard and keep their own score book
  4. Teams shall alert the officials immediately if any errors occur
i. If a team alerts the official to an error (that requires a clock stoppage) and no
error is found, that team shall be assessed a timeout. The scorekeeper will not keep track of individual statistics
  1. Putting the ball in play
    1. Jump balls will only be used to begin the game and to begin all overtime periods.
    2. All other jump ball situations (including half time) will be determined by alternating
    3. The officials shall handle the ball after every whistle
  2. Time
    1. Each team will be allowed two thirty seconds timeouts per half
    2. Unused timeouts do not carry over between periods
    3. If overtime is played, each team shall be awarded one timeout per overtime period
  3. Dunking
a. Dunking is allowed in games, however, players may not hold onto the rim
i. Players holding onto the rim (even briefly) will be assessed a technical foul
  2. Any player caught dunking during warm ups or in any other non-live situation will be
    assessed a technical foul
i. This includes dunking after a whistle, or during a stoppage in the game.
XI. Fouls
  1. Any participant who is assessed five personal fouls will be removed from the game
    (fouled out)
  2. A technical foul is considered a personal foul
Example: a player who receives four personal fouls and one technical has fouled out.
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c. A player shooting a three point shot when fouled shall receive three free throws (only when a three point line is available)
XII. Free Throws
a. Players may enter the lane once the ball leaves the shooter’s hand (on the release).
XIII. Technical Fouls
  1. All technical fouls are two shot fouls plus the ball at mid-court
  2. Any players who receives two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the
    game and will be suspended for a minimum of one game.
i. Note - this excludes technicals for a jersey violation
  1. Note - this excludes technicals for a jersey violation
  2. This includes state tournament play
  3. Refunds will not be given for expelled players
  4. Players who receive their 3rd technical foul during the final game will be
    suspended for the next season.
d. Any misinformation about a technical foul may result in a team suspension
i. The following will be considered misinformation
  1. Refusal to give the scorer’s table the offending players name
  2. Lying about the name of a player who’s received a technical
  3. Attempting to play with a suspended player
  1. Flagrant Foul
    1. A flagrant foul may be a personal or technical foul of a violent or savage nature, or a
      technical non contact foul which displays unacceptable conduct. It may or may not be intentional. If personal, it involves, but is not limited to violent contact such as: striking, kicking, kneeing or an attempt to injure. (NFHS 4-19-4).
    2. Any player who receives a flagrant foul shall be ejected from the game and will serve a minimum of a one game suspension
    3. A flagrant foul will also count as a technical foul
  2. Player Conduct
    1. Beach City Sports Basketball league is a recreation program who aims to create
      a welcoming environment for all players. Additionally, its basketball leagues are conducted near schools. As such, the following conduct expectations are in place for all adult basketball games.
    2. The following actions may result in a technical foul
      1. Use of profanity
      2. Complaining about or questioning an official’s call by a non-team captain
      3. Persistent complaint about judgment calls by any player (including captains)
      4. Abusive or profane language by a spectator (team technical shall be
    3. The following actions shall result in a technical foul, double technical (ejection) or
      flagrant foul.
      1. Use of profanity toward an official or an opposing player
      2. Making a comment that is personal in nature to or about an official or opposing player
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  1. Any attempt to “bait,” taunt or otherwise instigate an opponent
  2. An attempt to physically intimidate an opponent or official
  1. Any physical contact with an official will result in ejection from the league and
    notification of authorities
  2. NOTE: The officials’ jurisdiction begins from the time a player arrives on site until
    the player leaves. Actions that occur, before, during and after games are all subject to
    a technical foul, flagrant foul or ejection.
  3. Alcohol and tobacco is not permitted to be on-site during any BCS activities.
  1. Fighting
    1. Any player who is ejected for, or found to be fighting will be ejected from the game
      and may be ejected from the league for the remainder of the season
    2. BCS will use a strict definition of fighting, and shall impose the fighting for penalty
      for any of the following action
      i. Throwing a punch (regardless of whether or not it is landed)
      ii. Slapping or pushing a players face of head area
      iii. Grabbing or pushing a player during an altercation (exception, trying to
      restrain a player from your own team)
      iv. Any violent, physical act on another player outside of the actions allowed in
      Example: throwing a player to the court
    3. Any player who leaves the bench while an altercation is happening shall be
      considered to be fighting (exception: if an official specifically asks players to help to
      restore order).
    4. The officials have the right to halt and discontinue any game if it is believed that
      allowing a game to continue may result in a fight or an out of control situation.
  2. Officials
    1. The officials for the BCS Adult Basketball league are contracted from an outside
      officials’ organization and are not employees of the BCS. However, the officials are expected to treat players in a professional and respectful manner, and uphold all of the rules and policies in this manual.
    2. BCS contracts for two officials per game and intends to play each game with two officials
    3. In the event that one official is unavailable, a game may be officiated by one official and will be considered an official game.
    4. In the event that either neither official is present, teams may decide to proceed in one of the following ways:
      1. Solicit a volunteer(s) to officiate the game. The volunteer officials will be paid the officials’ fee.
      2. Play a self-officiated game (teams will split the officials’ fee).
      3. Declare the game a no-contest, so neither teams standings are affected (teams
        will split the officials fee)
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  1. If option i or ii are agreed upon, the game must be played to completion, unless an official arrives to complete the game (the game shall not be restarted).
  2. Once a game has begun, it is considered an official game and cannot be replayed.
  1. Team Conduct
    a. Any team which consistently exhibits poor sportsmanship may be eliminated from
    the league with a forfeiture of all fees.
    b. Officials and teams shall report all poor sportsmanship to the league director.
  2. Rules Not Listed
    a. Any rule not listed in this manual will be governed by NFHS (High School) rules
CHAMPIONS: League and tournament champions will receive Individual medals and trophies