Beach City Sports Flag Football Rules

Beach City Sports Flag Football Rules

Summarized Explanation of BCS Flag Football Rules:  


(BCS Rules have evolved to improve the game as well as the safety of the players, through 10 years of playing the game and through our bi-annual Rules Committee Meetings. The following below summarize the more-detailed points that will follow further down.)


  • Each Game consists of two, 20 minute halves. Each team is allotted two (30 sec) time-outs in both the first and second halves. Time-Outs do not carry over. 
  • The referee will count the rush for each down. (3-Count for Turf & 5-Count for Beach)
  • Each half will begin by spotting the ball on the 5-yard line, with no kick-off. Each team will have four downs to advance the ball to the next cone for a new set of downs, get a female first down (limited to 3 per game), or score a touchdown. Only the ball has to cross the goal line to be considered a touchdown.
  • Each team consists eight players on the field (most commonly 5 male/3 female) There is a maximum requirement of 5 male players on the field at one time. There is no maximum for female players. If you are wearing a shirt, it must be your team shirt or a shirt of similar team color. No baggy shorts or pockets are allowed to be worn for safety reasons.
  • All players on the field must be registered and/or have signed a waiver/checked-in at the tent, and also have grabbed and put on a wristband before playing. Substitute players must be disclosed in the Captains huddle before the game begins AND have checked in at the registration tent to sign a waiver (this is Captain’s responsibility to oversee). A minimum of 6 rostered players (min 1 female) is required to avoid a forfeit.
  • Touchdown scored by males - 6 points. 8 points from behind the blue cone.
  • Touchdown scored by females – 8 points.10 points behind the blue cone, and 6 points within the red zone (unless quarterbacked by a female).

NEW TD SCORING RULE: Female to Female TD (outside of the redzone) is worth 9 points 

  • Extra point : 3 points from the first orange cone -  2 Points from the red cone and 1 Point from halfway between the red cone and the pylon.
  • Safety – 2 points
  • The spot of the ball is where the ball is when the flag is pulled (not where the flag is when the flag is pulled).
  • Fumbles result in a dead ball.. Any blocking, flag guarding, or diving by the person with possession of the ball will result in a penalty.


  • This is a zero contact league. 
  • We understand that all contact can not be avoided. However, intentional and/or egregious contact will not be tolerated. 
  • Cussing at, or berating the referees, is not permitted and will not be tolerated. 
  • Any rule discrepancies that cannot be decided on will revert back to NFL rules


Drinking in public is illegal in California

Drinking is strictly prohibited on the Beach and at the Parks where Turf Football is held. Any player found drinking will be asked to leave any Beach City Sports permitted area. If a player refuses to leave, it may result in a forfeit of their game.


Full Explanation of Beach City Sports Flag Football Rules:  



Starting Spring of 2023

9 point TD - Girl to girl TD (N/A inside of the redzone)

3 point conversion - From the orange cone 


**Note: Both Beach Flag Football & Turf Flag Football share almost all of the same rules as explained below. There are some minor differences between the two and are detailed in their respective sections below.**


Team Roster, Team Composition & Substitutes


  • Players must be at least 18 years of age or older to play in any Beach City Sports league. Any team with an underage player will result in a forfeit to their game.
  • All Players must sign a waiver before being eligible to play, including substitutes.
  • All Players are required to check-in at the BCS tent for their first game and for playoffs (with a photo ID). All substitues must check-in before they play.
  • The minimum number of players on a roster is 12 players.
  • Rosters are set in stone after week 3 of the season, and only rostered players are allowed to play during playoffs
  • Exception - Unless the team in-question is unable to field a team of 8 rostered players and/or 3 female players.
  • Each team consists of eight players on the field - There is a maximum requirement of only 5 male players on the field simultaneously. 
  • Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field the minimum player requirement. 6 players minimum are required to not forfeit a game and must include 1 female player.


Game Duration


  • Games are to be started on-time as scheduled.  Teams unable to field the minimum roster requirements at 5 minutes (10 minutes in Week 1 ONLY) after their game’s scheduled start time will forfeit.  Also, please remember that this is an optional grace period.  Teams with the ability to field a legal roster will start, even if the team is waiting for additional players.
  • Each game will consist of two, 20 minute halves.
  • The play clock is 15 seconds and will be enforced.
  • All Change of Possessions require the offense to wait 15 seconds before they will be allowed to hike the ball.
  • Each team is allotted two (30 sec) time-outs, per half. Time outs do not carry over.
  • The first half is a running clock and will only stop for official time-outs or team time-outs. 
  • The second half is also a running clock, but will stop for the two minute warning. If a team is ahead by 21 or more points at the two minute warning, then it will remain a running clock.
  • The two minute warning will be played college rules style. The clock will stop on any incomplete passes, runs out of bounds, a score, a turnover and any time outs. The clock will not run on Extra Point plays after TD’s.
  • Games can not end on a defensive penalty. 
  • Games that end regulation in a tie will go into overtime and are played college rules style (See Overtime Section further down). The game will end after one overtime session, except in the Playoffs.




  • Touchdowns scored by male players are worth 6 points. If the play originates from behind the blue cone, it is worth 8 points. If the play originates inside the red zone, and is quarterbacked by a male player, it is worth 6 points.
  • Touchdowns scored by female players are worth 8 points. If the play originates from behind the blue cone, it is worth 10 points. If the play originates within the red zone and is quarterbacked by a female player, it is worth 8 points.
  • A Touchdown that, during the course of the play, involves a pitch to a Male player from a female player, will not be awarded extra points on the score. This counts for any catch, run or interception.
  • Interceptions returned for TD’s are worth 6 points. If the Interception originates behind the blue can and is returned for a TD it is worth 8 points. If a female player scores on the interception it is worth an additional 2 points.
  • The Extra point play that begins from between the Red cone and the pylon is worth 1 point.
  • The Extra point play that begins from the Red cone is worth 2 points.
  • There are no additional points awarded to females involved in a 1 or 2 point conversion.
  • Extra point plays that are Intercepted by the defense can be returned for the same amount as the current Extra point play.
  • Safeties are worth 2 points. 




  • Each half will begin by spotting the ball on the 5-yard line (between the goal line and the Red cone) with no kick-off.
  • Offensive Position and action during the snap - A team must have at least five players on their line of scrimmage at the snap. Also no offensive players are allowed to be closer than 5 yards from the sideline before the snap
  • Motion is legal with only one player allowed to move before the snap.
  • The offense will have four downs to advance the ball to the next Blue or Orange cone for a new set of downs, get a female first down or score a touchdown. Red Cones mark the point on the field of the entry into the Red Zone, and the spot for a 2-point conversion. Red Cones ARE NOT A FIRST DOWN  (They represent a 2-pt conversion).
  • When the Offense crosses a Cone during a play, forward progress will be enforced and they will be spotted past the cone.
  • NEW - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: No offensive player can be within arms length of the player snapping the football. The offense must give the defensive player who is rushing a CLEAR, UNOBSTRUCTED PATH TO THE QB.
  • If the offense impedes the rusher’s path to the QB it will be a penalty.
  • It should be noted that the player hiking the ball is typically looking toward the QB, so contact and penalties will be left up to the discretion of the referee.


The Spot of the Ball: 


  • The spot of the ball is where calls are made - i.e. where the ball is when the flag is pulled (not where the flag is when the flag is pulled). 
  • The football, Only, has to break the plane of the goal line to be considered a touchdown.
  • NOTE: If a player is standing on, or just inside the goal line, catches a pass, and has their flag pulled, the play will only be called a Touchdown IF AND ONLY IF the ball has broken the plane of the goal line.
  • If any part of your body touches or is under blue field lines, or if the sand moves the line, you will be ruled out!
  • If a player’s knee, elbow, body or the ball hits the ground without being touched, they will be ruled down and the play is over.
  • Fumbles will be ruled dead at the spot where the ball hits the ground.
  • Stripping or swatting a ball that a ball carrier has possession of is a penalty.
  • Flag guarding, or diving, by the person with possession of the ball will result in a penalty.


Hiking the Football:


  • The Quarterback is the only player that can receive the snap, must be standing directly behind the center and also must be at least two yards behind the center.
  • No Direct Snaps!
  • Any player who hikes the ball must immediately run a route and must do their best to avoid contact with the rushing player on defense.
  • The QB is the only player who can yell HIKE.
  • Snaps that are fumbled are dead balls. 
  • If a snap is fumbled in your own end zone, it will be ruled a safety.



Passing & Intentional Grounding:


  • The Quarterback can make a legal forward pass, so as long as his/her entire body is not across the line of scrimmage.
  • Only one legal forward pass can be made per down. If more than one occurs, the ball will be dead at the spot where the ball carrier releases the ball, and the offense will be penalized..
  • If the QB throws the ball away that is not within 5 yards of one of the offensive receivers, it is Intentional Grounding 
  • Overthrows downfield do not constitute Intentional Grounding. 
  • If intentional grounding occurs on a play in which the defense blitzes, the defense will keep their blitz.
  • Any illegal forward pass in the end zone will result in a safety.


QB Runs, Running Plays & Running with the Football:


  • The QB can run, without being rushed, on any play before the offense has crossed the blue cone. 
  • Once the line of scrimmage passes mid field, the QB may only run across the line of scrimmage if they are being blitzed or rushed after the ref’s count. (The defensive player must break the line of scrimmage)
  • Exception to this rule: If the defense yells blitz and gives the impression they are blitzing, the QB may run regardless if the defensive player(s) break the line of scrimmage or not.
  • There is absolutely no diving by the ball carrier. If the ball carrier dives, it will be a penalty enforced at the spot at which s/he leaves their feet.
  • Running plays by a non-QB are legal at ANY time and DO NOT qualify as a pitch. If the ball touches the runner at any time, the defensive rushing player may break the line of scrimmage and try to flag pull the ball carrier.
  • Beach - A ball carrier will be ruled out of bounds if they make a move in which the sand causes the Blue Field Line to move. 
  • Fumbles result in a dead ball when the ball carrier loses possessional control of the ball and the ball hits the ground.. 
  • If the Fumble occurs when the ball is traveling backwards, the ball will be dead and spotted where the ball hits the ground.
  • Any Backward fumble that has not yet touched the ground is a live ball.
  • If the Fumble occurs where the ball travels forward, then the ball will be dead and spotted at where the ball carrier loses the football.
  • Ball Carriers shall not block, impede or deny the ability of the defense to pull or remove the flag from the flag belt. 
  • The using of the hands, arms, body or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt is Flag Guarding.
  • NOTE: Flag Guarding that occurs in the Endzone by the offense is a Safety.
  • NOTE: Flag Guarding that occurs after an interception in the endzone is a touchback, and penalty yardage enforced on the Offense’s ensuing possession.
  • Players on the Offense who are running or moving downfield and block, impede or deny a defensive player’s path to the ball carrier to attempt to pull or remove their flag, will be penalized for an Illegal Screen Block.
  • To avoid being penalized for an Illegal Screen Block, a player on Offense must be completely stopped and their hands at their side or behind their back, or above their heads.
  • Players who have their hands extended outward while stopped will be penalized for an Illegal Screen Block.
  • An Illegal Screen Block that occurs in the Endzone, is a Safety.
  • Stiff Arming is prohibited. 
  • Jumping to avoid a flag pull & hurdling over an opponent is illegal! Guarding the flag will result in a 5 yard loss from the spot of the foul. Hurdling over an opponent is illegal and will result in a 5 yard loss from the spot of the foul.


Female First Downs:


  • Both teams are allotted 3 Female First Downs in the game.
  • The Offense can only use 1 Female First Down per drive.
  • A team can utilize a Female First Down on any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Down play.
  • The Female First Down option becomes void if the Offense crosses into the Red Zone.
  • If the Offense chooses to utilize a Female First Down, their set of Downs will be reset and the cone to gain will move to the next colored cone. 
  • (Example: If the cone to gain was the first orange cone, utilizing a Female First Down will result in the cone to gain being the blue cone.)
  • (Note: If the Offense chooses to use a Female First Down while in a Down & Goal Situation, then the set of downs will be reset to First & Goal, as long as the Offense HAS NOT crossed into the Red Zone.)
  • For the Offense to be able to utilize one of their Female First Downs, the following must occur -
  • A forward pass MUST BE PASSED the line of scrimmage, and must be clear & conclusive.
  • -AND-


  • A Male QB to Female Wide Receiver Completion


  • Any completed pass that is Quarterbacked by a Female  





  • Laterals are legal, so as long as they are not moving forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line), beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • Once the ball has passed the line of scrimmage, you may only lateral once per play, except within the final two minutes of the game.
  • When there are 2 minutes left in the game, the team with the ball is allowed unlimited pitches.
  • If a second lateral occurs on a play, this is a penalty. The ball will be dead at the spot where the ball carrier released the football, and penalty yardage will be assessed. 
  • A backward pass (pitch) that hits the ground will be considered a dead ball at the spot it hits the ground. This will not stop the clock when the game is in the two minute warning. 
  • A pass (pitch) that is intercepted by the defense can be advanced.
  • If a lateral occurs behind the line of scrimmage, the defense will immediately be allowed to rush across the line of scrimmage, regardless of where the ref's count is.


Punting (Optional): 


  • Punting the ball is allowed yet there will be no official kick. 
  • If the offense elects to punt, the offense agrees to move the line of scrimmage two cones forward from where they are (not from the cone to gain.)
  • The ball will be spotted behind the second cone, and will result in a change of possession to the opposing team.. (Example: If the offense has yet to pass the first orange cone, a punt will place the ball beyond the blue cone, and will result in an ensuing First Down and Blue for the opposing team.)




  • Defensive Position during the snap –  The Defense must set up with a minimum of FIVE PLAYERS within 15 yards of the Offensive Line of Scrimmage. Typically that is marked by the next first down cone. 
  • Defensive players MUST reach for a ball carrier’s flags.
  • Grabbing of the ball carrier’s shirt, flag belt or shorts/pants, will be penalized as Holding.
  • If a player is held within the last orange cone, with a clear path, the player will be awarded a TD.
  • There is no swatting or batting of a ball that a ball carrier has full possession of.
  • NOTE: It will be at the referee’s judgement as to whether or not a player has possessional control of the football.
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO shoving of a ball carrier out of bounds or to the ground, and will be penalized.
  • Further Disciplinary measures could be taken at the referee’s discretion, including disqualification from the game.
  • If illegal contact occurs, or if a defensive player swats a ball out of a ball carrier’s hands,  in a situation where the player would have otherwise scored, then it’s a touchdown.




  • Each team will be allotted 3 blitzes per game, and can blitz on any play. 
  • If the Defense uses a rusher on any given play, they must wait until the ref’s count and says GO, before they can cross the line of scrimmage and rush the Quarterback. 
  • In beach flag football, there is a 5-count.
  • In turf or grass flag football, there is a 3-count.
  • The Blitzing player(s) must wait until the Quarterback has touched the ball before they can cross the line of scrimmage on a Blitz. 
  • The blitzing player must make it well known that s/he is blitzing, yell “BLITZ” loudly enough for the Ref to hear, and must avoid contact with the player hiking the ball.
  • If a Defensive Player crosses the line of scrimmage without yelling blitz, before the ref’s count has concluded, even if s/he does not have the intention of blitzing, it will be a penalty, and the defense will lose one of their 3 allotted blitzes.
  • The rushing player must reach for the flags and not run into or knock down the QB or touch the QB’s arm. Touching the QB’s arm, impeding the QB’s throw and blocking the QB’s pass while the ball is still in the QB’s hand is a penalty.
  • There is no limit to the number of players who may rush.




  • Interceptions are legal on any play and may be advanced.   
  • 1 and 2 point conversions can also be intercepted and can result in a score of 2 points if the defensive player gets into his or her end zone.  


Mercy Rule


  • Mercy rule is in effect.
  • If a team is leading by 21 or more points at the two-minute warning in the second half, the final two minutes will be a running clock.
  • If a team is leading by 40 or more points in the second half of the game, the game clock will automatically be reset to five minutes regardless of the game clock. (Captains may override this rule).


Overtime (If Necessary)


  • If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be one overtime period, played under college rules.
  • The referee will meet with the Captains of both teams, prior to the start of Overtime, to determine who will play offense or defense first and the side of the field to be played on.
  • Teams will start on the Orange Cone closest to the endzone, and will have 4 downs to score a Touchdown.
  • Extra Point plays will still occur after a TD is scored.
  • There are no Female First Downs and no Timeouts in Overtime
  • Teams are only allotted 1 Blitz for the entirety of Overtime.
  • Only Playoff Games that remain tied after the first Overtime period, will play additional Overtime periods until the tie is broken.




  • During any game, if a team has at least 6 registered players from their roster (min 1 female), that team is not required to forfeit. 
  • The League does not allow substitutions of non roster players in any game;  However, Team Captains of the opposing team may override this rule and allow same-or-lower-division subs for the other team, during the regular season only. 
  • If a team does allow subs that are non rostered, the team needing subs may only have as many subs that will give them a total of 8 players. 
  • If a team wins with the use of any unapproved substitute players, they may be required to forfeit up to two weeks after the game with proof of the unauthorized sub(s).
  • Any team caught breaking this rule will forfeit their playoff game, and could be subject to further disciplinary action. 
  • The league will review any discretions to this rule. 
  • If a team has the minimum 12 players (lower divisions {3,4,5}) or minimum 11 players (higher divisions {1,2}) registered AND finds themselves unable to field 8 players for a playoff game, the league will provide a replacement "sub" for that team's playoff game IF notified within 48 hours of game. Please Note: Team Rosters are available at all times for team captains to review at the Registration Tent. 


Duties of a Team Captain


  • All teams are required to have at least 1 Captain.  Teams are also encouraged to have Alternate Captains to serve in cases in which the Team Captain cannot attend a game. 
  • Ensure that their team registration is paid in full and on time.
  • Ensure that all of his/her players have filled out the proper Beach City Sports waivers before ever setting foot on the field.
  • Ensure that all of his/her players have checked-in at the tent and have grabbed and put on wristbands, prior to the start of their game, each week.
  • Team Captains are encouraged to bring a list of league rules to all games.
  • Ensure that all of his/her players fully understand and adhere to all league rules.
  • Ensure that only s/he, as the captain, questions a call with the referee in a calm manner.  Players other than the team captain who engage in arguing calls, unsportsmanlike conduct, whining, and/or being a general nuisance are subject to immediate ejection from the game.


Playing Field & Playing Equipment


  • The Beach & Turf football field is 80 yards x 40 yards. It is divided by midfield (Blue Cone), which represents a first down, with an orange cone on either half of the field that represents a first down as well, and a red cone near the endzone, which represents the red zone. Red Cones DO NOT represent a first down.
  • Teams are required to wear jerseys or matching-color shirts.  Shirts must be tucked in with your flags and belt completely visible and accessible. If you are wearing a shirt, it must be your team shirt or a shirt of similar team color. 
  • Teams must bring their own football.
  • All players are required to wear flags (BCS flags will be provided or players can bring their own pop flags - no screw top/shruumz connectors). Each player must wear a flag belt with two flags attached. The flags should be a different color then the shorts/pants you are wearing and must hang on the players hips..  
  • Baggy Shorts and Shorts with Pockets are prohibited from being worn. Taping of shorts pockets is prohibited. Reversing pocketed shorts is also prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Turf Football: Metal Spikes/Cleats are not allowed at any time. Players found to be using metal cleats will be ejected for the current game.  Rubber cleats are allowed in any capacity




Injuries & Injury Protocols


  • Under no circumstance should you be playing if you are, or feel you are, injured. Playing while being injured without informing the referee may result in a suspension.
  • If any player is injured during a game, they are to stop playing IMMEDIATELY.
  • If a player is hurt during a game, and can move, they are to leave the game immediately and go to the main BCS tent and seek aid by the Athletic Trainer on site.
  • If a player is hurt during a game and cannot move, the game will be stopped by the referee, the game clock will be paused, and the on-site Athletic Trainer will be called over to tend to the injured player, He/She will then decide if the injured player needs to be taken to the tent or if medical assistance should be called.
  • If it is determined that you are ok to play by either the Athletic Trainer or a League Commissioner, then you may proceed. 
  • If, during the course of the game, the Referee determines you are not eligible* to continue playing, you must leave the game until you are ok’d to return to the game by the on-site Athletic Trainer.
  • If a player is bleeding, you must have the bleeding stopped and covered before you can return to the game. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.


Disqualifications & Disciplinary Parameters


  • Yelling, cussing or aggression towards a referee or line judge WILL NOT be tolerated! 
  • We understand that at times you may want to voice your opinion or get clarification about a call or a rule. This is ok, as long as it is done in a calm manner ONLY.
  • Please keep in mind the referee’s are trying as hard as they can and may make a mistake from time to time.
  • Excessive aggressiveness, unsportsmanlike conduct towards the referee(s) or members of the opposing team, and other conduct detrimental to the League, will result in ejection of the game, suspension from the league or a lifetime ban. 
  • If a player is ejected, that player must leave the game, the sideline, and the BCS permitted area. If the player refuses, then the team s/he plays will be forced to forfeit the game.
  • When a player is ejected during a drive, then his/her team must complete the remainder of the drive with 7 players. Once the possession is over, both teams can play at full strength with 8 players. 
  • Any fighting that occurs during a game will result in suspensions for the individuals involved and/or bans from Beach City Sports.
  • All disciplinary decisions are voted on & enforced by the BCS Advisory Committee on a seasonal or as-needed basis. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Penalties (Defined) & Enforcement


  • Penalties can be accepted or declined at any time. 
  • NOTE: During certain situations, the Offense will be given the option to accept or decline the penalty yardage and replay the down.


Diving - Occurs when the ball carrier leaves his/her feet in an attempt to outstretch the ball.

False Start - Occurs when there is any movement by any offensive player (QB included) who is set at the line of scrimmage. False Start is a dead ball penalty.

Flag Guarding - Occurs when a ball carrier uses their hands, arms, body or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag from the flag belt.

Illegal Batting/Swatting - Occurs when a player knocks or hits the ball out of a player’s hands, when the player has full possessional control of the football.

Illegal Blitz - Occurs when the blitzing player crosses the line of scrimmage before the ball touches the QB’s hands, or crosses the line of scrimmage before the ref’s 5-count (Beach Flag Football Only) or 3-count (Turf Flag Football only).

Illegal First Touching - Occurs when a player steps outside the lines of the field and is the first player to touch the ball after it leaves the QB’s hands.

Illegal Forward Pass - Occurs when the Quarterback throws the ball past the line of scrimmage (his or her whole body must be across the line of scrimmage, or the ball initially moves forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line) after leaving the ball carrier’s hand(s).

Illegal Motion - Occurs when a player on Offense is in motion, and is moving toward the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap.

Illegal QB Rush - Occurs on plays, after the offense has passed the blue cone, when the Quarterback runs across the line of scrimmage before a defensive player breaks the line of scrimmage.

Illegal Screen Block - Occurs when a player from the team in possession of the ball, impedes the ability or route of the defending team’s player from being able to pursue or pull the ball carrier’s flags. 

Illegal Shift - Occurs when two offensive players are in motion at the time of the snap.

Illegal Substitution - Occurs when a team has 9 or more players on the field when the ball is snapped. If the penalty is on the offense, it is a dead ball penalty. If the penalty is on the defense, it is a live ball penalty.

Intentional Grounding - Occurs when the QB throws the football, in an attempt to avoid a sack & the ball lands on the ground where a receiver is not within 5 yards of that spot. 

Offsides (Offense) - When a player on Offense, is in front of the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Offsides by the Offense is a dead ball penalty.

Offsides (Defense) - When a player on the Defense, is lined up behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Offsides by the Defense is a live ball penalty.

Pass Interference - An attempt to impede the catch by any player.*^

Roughing the Passer - Occurs when a defensive player, who is rushing the QB, runs into or knocks down the QB, touches the QB’s arm, impedes the QB’s throw or blocks the QB’s pass while the ball is still in the QB’s hand.

Penalty Name

Yards Penalized

Site of Enforcement

Delay of Game

5 yards

Previous Spot


5 yards

Spot of the Foul

False Start

5 yards

Previous Spot

Flag Guarding

5 yards

Spot of the Foul


5 yards

End of the Run


5 yards

Spot of the Foul

Illegal Batting/Swatting

5 yards

Spot of the Foul

Illegal Blitz

5 yards; Loss of Blitz

Previous Spot

Illegal Equipment

5 yards

Current Spot

Illegal First Touching

5 yards & Repeat Down or No Yards & Loss of Down

Previous Spot

Illegal Formation

5 yards

Previous Spot

Illegal Forward Pass

5 yards; Loss of Down

Spot (2nd pass) or Previous Spot (QB throw beyond Line of scrimmage)

Illegal Motion

5 yards

Previous Spot

Illegal QB Rush

5 yards; Loss of Down

Previous Spot

Illegal Screen Block

5 yards

Spot of the Foul

Illegal Shift

5 yards

Previous Spot

Illegal Snap

5 yards

Previous Spot

Illegal Substitution

5 yards

Previous Spot

Intentional Grounding

5 yards; Loss of Down

Previous Spot


5 yards

Previous Spot

Pass Interference

10 yards; Loss of down (if by Offense) or Replay of Down (if by Defense)

Previous Spot

Roughing the Passer

10 yards

Previous Spot


10 yards

Spot of the Foul

Divisions, Championships, Relegation & Tournaments


Division Clarifications for the Beach City Sports Flag Football Leagues:


1.) Golden Keg Division - is for first-season teams, as well as teams who have been grandfathered in due to their fun-natured attitude towards the game & each other.


2.) Pre-Party Division - For beginner-intermediate level teams, with an emphasis on the SOCIAL aspects of beach football.  Fresh talent is appreciated, but arguing of any kind is not tolerated here.


3.) The Party & After-Party Divisions - For teams who have registered as ‘Intermediate'.  Once rosters are submitted, you will either be placed in Party OR After-Party Division by BCS Administration


4.) Elite Division - For advanced level teams. The BCS Administration has oversight over this Division.


  • BCS Players are capable of playing in two divisions during the same season, ONLY IF their teams are in consecutive divisions. Example: A Player cannot play with one team in the Pre-Party Division and a second team in the After-Party Division.
  • Requests to avoid overlapping game schedules happen automatically when you register for both teams in question 5 days BEFORE Opening Day of the league.


Division Name

Minimum Roster Requirement

Golden Keg





Beach -12

Turf -11



Elite Division (Stats + $550 Prize)



Championships & Relegations:


If a team wins the Championship in their respective division, it is 100% up to the discretion of the League Office to move them up a division the following season. Appeals & Requests may be submitted by calling or emailing the BCS Office. If they win two seasons in a row, they will automatically moved to the next division. 


Relegation of teams to a higher or lower division will be at the discretion of the League Office, and the change in Divisions will take effect the following season.


Flag Football Tournaments:


When BCS holds Flag Football Tournaments, there are a few "alterations" to our standard league rules: 

  • Game-times are reduced to two 15 minute halves.
  • Teams will receive only THREE (3) time outs, 3 blitzes, and a limited 3 "female first downs" within each game.
  • A female first down can only be used once per drive. 
  • Tournaments are double elimination, however if an undefeated team loses in the championship game, the loss will end the tournament and the winning team will be crowned Champs. 
  • All other BCS Flag Football rules will remain the same.


Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by Beach City Sports before or during the season. In the event they are, they will be communicated to players.