About Beach City Sports

Our Story from the Beginning...

Founded in 2011, Beach City Sports has grown to become the Gateway to Social Life in Southern California. Currently facilitating divisions from Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine & Tustin... it is where adults go to find like-minded people enjoying safe sporting & social opportunities on the weekends and weeknights year-round. As our slogan says, be prepared to “Get in & Get SOCIAL!”

A little about our Sports Founder…

Sam Jreisat serves as the Director of Operations for Beach City Sports where he can continue to foster his passion for the healing nature of sports that he discovered as a youth. As a teenager, Sam was very overweight until he discovered that participation in sports helped him lose nearly 100 pounds in a one-year period of time. Previously a contractor by trade in the Chicago area, Sam uprooted himself in 2006 and moved to Southern California to enjoy the weather and start a new chapter in his life. After several attempts at launching companies in the financial industry, Sam quickly gravitated to the sports world of Huntington Beach to expand his circle of friends and continue his commitment to a lifetime of fitness and exercise.

A little about our Social Founder…

Brooke Bouloy moved to Southern California from Albuquerque, NM after graduating with her bachelors degree at the young age of 20. For five years, Brooke worked as the National Director of Sales for a Company in the Natural Foods Industry, which she credits for giving her such a passion for small business owners and healthy lifestyles. She at-first balanced her corporate career with her role of Marketing & Event Coordinator at Beach City Sports, however she now has taken the leap to focus full time in the expansion of BCS’ Social Events, as well as a sister company Beach City Networking that facilitates niche networking events for professionals.

Though coming from different cities & backgrounds, Sam and Brooke were both drawn to the sands of Huntington Beach. It was on the sands of Huntington that the concept of Beach City Sports was born based on a passion for healthy living, sports, and networking – three elements they truly believe are the building blocks for an abundant lifestyle.

Founded in 2011, Beach City Sports has a three-pronged approach:

1st Facilitate Adult Sports on the beach & around Orange County

2nd Offer networking opportunities for members to help them grow professionally and personally through an extensive social calendar.

3rd Support local and small businesses through VIP membership card*

Beach City Sports has experienced tremendous growth in its first years of operation, branching out organically from a great group of positive people with similar on core values. The BCS team of entrepreneurs are committed to continue the growth by adding unique Beach City Sports and Social Activities every season for its members. “It is the law of attraction at work,” says Bouloy. “Surround yourself with people who share a similar ambition, and have the drive to be successful, and together you will have nowhere to go but UP.”

Written by Tim Linden, CHAMP Publishing