Why have a player rating system? Here are are 3 main reasons:


1. We have some of the best flag football players in California and we want to highlight them! 


2. This system is meant to be fun and interactive so wear your ratings with pride or try to earn one by getting on our radar!


3. This rating systme allow teams the freedom to be more flexible with their roster while also creating competitive - yet - fair gameplay. 


Below is a complete breakdown of the system works. 


Each player on this list will have a rating of either the numbers 3, 5, 7 or 10. An explanation of the numbers can be found below. 

However, NOT EVERY PLAYER WILL HAVE A RATING. Only certain players will have ratings but this may flunctuate from season to season.


In addition, each team captain will have a certain number of points to use to create a roster depending on thier division.  Below you will find a breakdown of points allowed per division. 



Here is the list of physical attributes that help determine your rating:

1. speed

2. agility

3. route running

4. ability to catch the ball

5. ability to play defense

6. game awareness

7. ability to quarterback (if applicable)

8. overall knowledge of the game



Player Rating # Definitions 

Player rating of 3 - Is considered a good football player (on our radar)

Player rating of 5 - Is considered a great football player

Player rating of 7 - Is considered an exceptional football player 

Player rating of 10 - Is considered a gamechanger with or without the ball 



Division Breakdown by Player Rating #'s (updated as of 4/1/24)

Champions Division (HB football only) - no maximum on player points

After-Party Division - 40 points are allowed in this division

Party Division - 25 points are allowed in this division. (Only one 10 rated player is allowed per team and since they cannot QB, they are worth 7 in this division)

Pre-Party Division - 10 points are allowed in this division (No player rated higher than a 5)

Cruisers Division - 6 points are allowed in this division (no player rated higher than a 3)

Golden Keg Division - 0 rated players (This division is reserved for new and/or free agent teams)

Legends Division - There are no rated player rules for this division; however, this is invite only and the league will determine fair rosters)


Final decisions on teams and their divisions will be up to the league commissioner.



Player ratings are determined by a number of factors and will be voted on by committee members on a bi-quarterly bases, which will meet during off-seasons for changes to occur the following season. This system is designed to be FUN at heart its core and we reserve the right to make exceptions for teams/players.