Managing Fitness with a Busy Lifestyle

It's not easy to keep up with self-care. Many adults struggle to balance their work with their health, along with their social lives, their hobbies, their family, and their finances. This leaves a lot of people exhausted as it is, and seeking catharsis by laying on their couch streaming shows their entire weekend. But facts have proven time and again that physical activity is beneficial for the body and mind. According to CNBC, adults that exercise for as little as 30 minutes a day are 30% more likely to self-identify as satisfied. So how can you overcome the block stopping you from getting active?


Outlets You Enjoy

Many people can't stick with a certain type of exercise until they find they vibe with something. This could mean finding a team sport, finding scenic hiking trails, working out with friends or pets, or even just music that pumps you up. More importantly, it means pursuing activities you love! Fitness doesn't have to be reps, sets, and laps if that's not the structure you enjoy. Think about the very beginning, about games before exercise became an obligation. A flag football league for adults is designed to be casual, low-contact, and still fun to compete and work alongside others in. Too many people discount their potential because of being forced into the wrong sports earlier in life. Adult fitness can be an opportunity to reclaim your health and your enjoyment of being active.


Team Sports

Social athletes always manage to find each other. You go to any community center or online message board and you'll find pickup basketball, coed kickball leagues, and any number of intramural sports lovers looking for people to compete with. Whoever said a flag football league for adults would never take off? The people that think fondly of their high school teams often hold on to a certain competitive spirit that flourishes in adult team sports.


Work-Life Balance

Possibly the hardest thing about it all though is working this into a schedule that works for you. Gym memberships require commitment, leagues require commitment, and even buying a treadmill feels bad if you never find the time to use it. So how do you tackle the greatest enemy of the modern adult: Scheduling? Thankfully, a lot of communities have looser options for activity. Pickup games, local runs, and even exercise installations in parks exist to encourage bonding and lighter activity for busy people.


The truth in the matter is that you can't make a habit out of something you aren't doing. Starting slowly makes for the vital first steps, even if they're walking a few times a week around the block. If you think organization, structure, and competition are the things that could finally get you active, look online or around your community for opportunities to get involved. Maybe a flag football league for adults is just what you need.