Tips for Picking Your Team Name


Recreational sports are a great way for adults to get exercise, show off their competitiveness, and meet new people. The internet has made it easier than ever to join a team of sports ranging from flag football to soccer. As a team, you will need a unifying message in order to create comradery. One of the best team-building exercises is coming up with the perfect name for your squad. Here we have some tips for coming up with one. 


Make It Funny!

Many adults playing in a recreational sports league have a different type of humor. People love to laugh and making a catchy team name can be the best way to show off your humor. For example, in one of our flag football leagues, we have a team named “First & Schlong.” And if you are familiar with football you understand why that is hilarious. 


But, the jokes don’t have to always relate to the sport you are playing. In that same league, there’s a team named “Past Our Primetimes” which is a really self-reflective name. The team name is making fun of their players' ages and that makes it all the funnier. 


Take Inspiration from Entertainment

If you can’t think of a funny team name, that’s perfectly fine! Another top we have is to think of your favorite movies, TV shows, bands, or artists. Maybe there’s a way to incorporate them as part of a team name. Like one of our teams named “Guns and Poses.” This team is named after the rockstar band “Guns and Roses.” Maybe they all wear large top hats and sunglasses to their games. 


Even animated movies can make for great team names. Take our team named “Spider Pigs” for example. If you don’t understand the reference, maybe check out the classic “The Simpsons Movie” you won’t regret watching it. 


Random Team Names

If you are really struggling to come up with a team name, just think of something random! There’s no judgment when coming up with these names and you can really use anything.  One team name is “Green Pennisula” which talks about a landmass and another one is “Weekend Warrior” talking about their favorite time of the week. The important thing to remember is to have fun when coming up with your team name and don’t be stressed about it. 


Here are just a few tips we have for coming up with team names. It’s a good time to get to know your team a little better and can even be used as a team-building tool. Have fun with it!