Can Sports Leagues Help You Stay Active as an Adult?

The transition from student life into adulthood can be a difficult one for the mind and body. Instead of another cup of coffee, the answer might actually be to find a way to get active that works with your new lifestyle. If you're looking for a great way to get active again, here are a few activities you might want to consider.


Why Stay Active?

According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, adults who exercise at least 30 minutes a day have more energy, experience more work satisfaction, and are happier on the day-to-day. This doesn't have to mean hitting the gym though. There are plenty of ways to stay active as an adult. Here are a few specifics to look into.


Intramural Sports Leagues

A lot of communities are starting to put more time into intramural sports leagues for adults. You can find things like kickball, ultimate frisbee, and beach volleyball, as well as more traditional sports like basketball and soccer. Many gyms, colleges, community centers, and even churches are creating leagues to get people active in their communities. People who grew up playing sports are finding some nice like-minded rivalries with adult intramural activities. We, as creatures, crave challenges, and a lot of people have trouble identifying when this need is understimulated.


College Age Sports Leagues

College age sports leagues are especially popular because they give people a chance to see new faces and make new friends on the field. Playing games and working together with people are underestimated sources of social satisfaction, which is certainly one of the factors in movement's improvement in people's moods. Humans are social creatures, and making connections with others is vital to a person's well-being.


Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. A lot of workplaces have social programs if you want to get closer to your co-workers, and gyms may have specialty team programs as well. Fortunately, programming is right next door if you're in the Orange County area! Check out Beach City Sports if you're ready to make team sports a part of your lifestyle.