Why Intramural Sports Leagues Are More Than Fun and Games

Many athletic adults look back fondly on memories made participating in after-school sports. Despite an active lifestyle, they believe that that sort of comradery and teamwork is a thing of the past. Most would be surprised to learn that this fun isn't limited to students. An Intramural sports league for adults can be found in almost every community, and they supply a number of amazing benefits in addition to being a blast.


Regular Exercise


Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, but carving out the time to actually get to the gym can be challenging. Intramural sports offer consistent opportunities to be physically active. A beach volleyball league is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while working up a sweat. Intramural sports also provide you with teammates who will hold you accountable if you skip a practice. No one knows if you miss a gym session, but your flag football team is counting on you to fill out their roster for their upcoming scrimmage. Sports also make exercising fun. Burning calories while stealing bases in your coed kickball league is a lot more appealing than another hour on the treadmill.


A Mental Health Boost


In addition to the plentiful physical health benefits, staying active has incredible mental health effects as well. According to CNBC, adults who exercise for as little as 30 minutes a day are about 30% more likely to be happy compared to those who don’t do any form of physical activity. This means that an hour of softball practice can radically improve your mental well-being. The fun that practicing a sport offers is also a wonderful way to relieve stress. Participating in an intramural sport provides you with a regular schedule to set aside time and play.


Build Relationships and Community


By joining a team, you have the chance to meet a plethora of new people who share a common interest. Not only will collaborating deepen your relationships, but a sense of teamwork will strengthen your bonds. A sense of competition is also a fantastic way to work towards a goal and overcome obstacles while maintaining healthy boundaries.


The fun of athletics doesn't have to end once you become an adult. Finding the perfect intramural sports league for you is a wonderful way to stay active and enrich your lifestyle.